ChemBrain IXL - Finding a Chemical Reaction, not only by its Name

In the Open reaction datasheet form (see screenshot) you find the complete, numbered list of reaction titles. This form also offers you various ways of finding a specific reaction. The quickest one is to select the corresponding keyword in the left keywords list, either directly or by typing it into the text input window at the top. Alternatively, you may search through the reaction titles or even start a full-text search in the reaction datasheets by entering any text into the text input window below the reaction-titles list.

Another option allows you to further restrict the search to reaction products which must contain certain defined fragments. The fragments are drawn in a graphical input form in the same way as for an ordinary fragment search.

All the mentioned search options are additive. The reaction-titles list is immediately updated upon any search modification. You may select several reaction-titles at once and open their reaction datasheets by clicking the OK button or double-click a specific reaction title to open its datasheet. Click the Reset button to undo all search restrictions.

Alternatively, you may enter a new molecule or select a molecule from the structures database and then use the Suggest preparative methods option in the molecule datasheet to suggest a synthesis for it.